Some of our Local Attractions

    * Wineries
    ** University of Oregon
    *** Covered bridges
    **** Olympic Trials
    ***** Hiking & Fishing
    ****** Bicycling
    ******* One-man sawmill

King Estate winery  
4.5 miles
80854 Territorial Rd.
Eugene, Oregon

Chateau Lorane Winery
6.5 miles
Lorane, Oregon

Silvan Ridge Winery
9.5 miles
27012 Briggs Hill Rd.
Eugene, Oregon

Sweet Cheeks Winery
9.5 miles
27007 Briggs Hill Rd.
Eugene, Oregon
Eugene and University of Oregon
Covered bridges and maps
Working saw mill on site

Video Blog - Dr. Weiss visits a one-man sawmill in Oregon

    Published on Oct 24, 2016

    One of the things the Pacific Northwest is known for is logging and timber. On a recent
    trip to Oregon, Dr. Weiss discovered a tiny one-man saw mill hidden away in one of the
    smaller towns. Enjoy this up close and personal look at how a one-man mill can churn
    through over 1000 feet/hour! And listen for the infrequently performed Grateful Dead song
    at the end!

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    See below for posted video from
    Utube on one man sawmill.  !!!!
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